GTA Online: Lowriders is currently accessible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as a programmed update. This most recent expansion to GTA Online highlights Benny’s Original Motor Works, the most sizzling vehicle customization carport in Los Santos. Situated in Strawberry, 

only south of the Olympic Freeway, Benny’s spends significant time in custom Lowrider alterations for select vehicles including two fresh out of the plastic new rides – the Declasse Moonbeam van, which takes into account two-gave weapons to be shot from the secondary passages, and the Willard Faction, just as four works of art as of now in-game.

Another fulfilled client leaving Benny’s

Original Motor Works.

Any of these six select vehicles can be redone as far as possible all around, with Hydraulics, Engines, Steering Wheels, Rims, Tires, Gear Shift Levers, Horns, Bobble heads, back window Plaques, Vanity Plates and Plate Holders, Soundsystem Mods, custom Paint Jobs and substantially more. For only a sample of what Benny’s brings to the table, look at yesterday’s video.

Enroll your companions and Cremates to help Lamar
take on the
Ball’s and Vagus.

In the interim, Lamar is incubating a plan to turn into the leader of Los Santos’ Low rider scene, and needs some dedicated subjects to help put him on the position of authority. To do as such, you’ll be taking on the greatest posses in the city through a blend of subterfuge, expertise and unadulterated capability. Listen up for Lamar’s telephone calls and handle eight new Contact Missions graphing his journey for power.
Crisp landings in Am mu-Nation incorporate the quick shoot Machine Pistol and the overwhelming Machete. While you’re there, why not get recently accessible extravagance weapon completes for a determination of existing weapons including the Special Carbine and Assault SMG. You’ll likewise see that Am mu-Nation has rearranged to account for all the new weaponry.


Keep the Pace – Stay over a base speed while hustling around courses covered with hops and deterrents. In the event that you hinder excessively, you’ll detonate.

Offense Defense – Teams of two split into Runners and Protectors. Sprinters plan to be the first to get as far as possible of a course. Defenders, in quicker and all the more dominant vehicles, must close and run contradicting Runners off the street, while shielding their Runner from different groups.

Relay – A group Race in which players alternate, each finishing a lap before labeling a colleague. Non-dynamic drivers hold up in the pen to be labeled, while dynamic drivers complete a lap for their group.


Extend your property portfolio up to a limit of four Apartments or Garages. There will never be been a superior time to buy that additional room to store all these new custom Low riders – and from now through this Sunday October 25th, Dynasty 8 is offering a one-time 25% REBATE on your next qualified acquisition of a property with a 10-vehicle carport. 

Qualifying is simple – simply have your email address checked with the Social Club, be on the Rock star Mailing List and be an individual from any Social Club Crew. To satisfy the prerequisites, login to your Social Club profile – and in case you’re as of now qualified, simply buy any property with a 10-vehicle carport.

It’s all in the subtleties – tweak your rides from packed in and everything in the middle.



The Scene Creator is a shiny new element added to the Rock star Editor’s Director Mode, empowering you to make custom settings for catching your Rock star Editor cuts. Select from more than 200 accessible props (counting explosives) and position them to make the ideal background. You can likewise set aside to four scenes so you can reuse them at whatever point you like.

And that’s just the beginning…

New apparel, hair, tattoos and frill: Dozens of new alternatives to coordinate your new Low riders.

Personal Vehicle Remote: You would now be able to utilize the Player Interaction Menu to remotely open your trunk, entryways or hood to flaunt your new rides. You can likewise turn on the motor, lights and the radio all while remaining outside respecting your vehicle.

Freemode Weapon pickups: 200 separate weapon pickups are currently dissipated crosswise over Los Santos and Blaine County. Look out for them as you wander through Free mode.

Changes to Performance Mod Unlocks: Performance mods are presently progressively available and open by rank, just as by means of Race wins.

Destroy Last Place: another alternative has been added to Races, increasing the stakes for those in the back of the pack. The host can set it to be successful each lap, like clockwork, at regular intervals or like clockwork – and the player in last will be exploded at the relating interim.

Extra Weapons in the Creator: All recently discharged weapons that are not confined by time-restricted occasions will currently be accessible for use in the Creator device.

Quick Ammo Restock Option: Quickly top off your ammunition legitimately from the Player Interaction Menu. Rapidly add rounds to any weapon, or maximize your ammunition for that weapon type.

Pearlescent Crew Color: New paint alternatives for Crew individuals in the Mod Shop

Player Actions: Three new player activities will be accessible through the
Player Interaction Menu: Chicken, Chin Brush and No Way. 
PC Mouse Control Options: An alternative has been added to the Settings Menu to
enable players to swap between Roll/Pitch and Yaw/Pitch mouse flying control

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