How to Download Full Fortnite Game: Battle Royale on PC

How to Download Full Fortnite Game: Battle Royale on PC

How to Download Full Fortnite Game: Battle Royale on PC

After the global success of the game genre
battle royal mainly thanks to the popularity of player unknown’s battlegrounds,
other games have known how to make the most of the opportunity and followed
suit. One of the most famous alternatives is the free game developed by the
development studio epic games, especially thanks to its version for ps4 that’s
already topping all the download charts. 
Download and Start Playing Now

Fortnite is a game that can’t even be bothered
to make an effort to hide its similarities with PUBG. The plot and the goal of
each game are exactly the same: 100 players arrive at the same scenario by air
with only one goal in mind, to search for the weapons and defenses necessary to
plan a great strategy and manage to be the last survivor of the game. Exactly
the same concept and rules as in the original game

Main features

This Battle
Royal style game comes along with the following functions and options thanks
to which the gamer can have fun for hours taking part in short matches that
last between 20 and 40 minutes:

  • Four different
    kinds of heroes: soldier, constructor, ninja, and
    out lander.
  • Each type of hero
    has its own skulls and special features.
  • Different weapons
    sorted by colors according to their rarity and power level.
  • The game includes
    long-distance weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles or guns, and
    hand-to-hand combat weapons such as knives, spear, and scythes.
  • The player must
    search for material to make structures, weapons, and objects of all sorts:
    wood, metal, carbon, sticky tape, resin, glass.

for treasures to find weapons and materials, investigate all over the settings,
plan a decent strategy, and place traps to surprise and wipe out your possible

system in Fortnite

PUBG, this Battle Royal has its own system to classify the firepower of the
weapons available. According to their color, the player can know rare the weapon
he has just found is. The rarest weapons are usually the most powerful ones
although the truth is that the color only indicates how hard it is to find
them: the firepower is indicated by the number next to the bolt of lightning
shown on each weapon. This is how the weapons are classified according to their
rarity: New Weapon Download

Assault Rifle SMG Shotgun
Handgun Sniper Rifle Mini gun
Launcher Crossbow Throw able

What’s new in the latest version Fortnite

been a lot of hype surrounding Fortnite since its release in July 2017. But
what exactly is it? Fortnite is a battle royal game which sees you thrown onto
an island with no weapons or armor and it’s up to you to scavenge for supplies
and fight for your life to be the last man or squad standing at the end of the
game – with the added pressure of a shrinking map that closes in as the match
progresses, forcing players into tighter skirmishes. The game is available for
free on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, with in-game
purchases limited to purely cosmetic options.

Updates and Patch Notes for Fortnite

Version Date Major Updates
7.10 CU1 December 23, 2018 Presents Added.
7.10 December 18, 2018 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges Event.
7.01 December 11, 2018 Infinity Blade added.
7.00 December 6, 2018 Season 7 begins.

Fortnite system requirements for the best performance:

  • Core i5 2.8 GHz processor.
  • 8GB of system RAM.
  • Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon
    HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU.
  • 2 GB VRAM.

How to Download Full Fortnite Game: Battle Royale on PC

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