In his autobiography, billionaire Elon Musk reveals details about his tumultuous relationship with actress Amber Heard, describing it as "violent."

The Beginning

Musk and Heard first met in 2012 during the filming of Machete Kills, where Musk served as a consultant. However, their initial interaction was limited.

A Romantic Emergence

: The couple's romantic relationship began to blossom in 2013 when Heard visited Musk's SpaceX company, and he took her on a tour in his Tesla car.

Reconnecting at the Met Gala

In May 2016, Musk and Heard crossed paths again at the Met Gala. Shortly after, Heard filed for divorce from actor Johnny Depp.

Dates Filled with Work and Surprises

Musk and Heard's early dates often revolved around work-related activities. Heard surprised Musk by visiting Tesla's electric car factory and accompanying him to the set of Aquaman in Australia.

The Charm of Mercy

Heard delighted Musk by dressing up as Mercy, a character from the video game Overwatch, which he adored. However, their relationship faced significant challenges.

Turbulent Breakup

Musk admits that their breakup in the summer of 2017 was a difficult period in his life, both personally and professionally. He describes their relationship as "brutal."

Opinions from Close Ones

Musk's younger brother, Kimbal Musk, and his current girlfriend, Grimes, also shared their thoughts on Heard. Kimbal referred to her as "toxic," while Grimes called her "the chaotic evil."

Amber Heard's Perspective

Heard expresses her love for Musk but admits occasional doubts about his decisions. She describes their relationship as intense, with Musk's passion sometimes causing difficulties.

Current Lives

Musk continues to lead a free and open romantic life with his girlfriend, Grimes, and their three children. Heard, after her divorce from Johnny Depp, is also moving forward.

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